Monday, December 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Helloooo! Anyone out there? I know, it's my fault for not posting very often this past few months.....have been somewhat tied up with situations beyond my control. That's the truth....almost. Anyway, for those who might be following this site still, here is my final posting for the year. I thought I would pay homage to the people who toil behind the scenes, and keep the cogs and wheels turning. They are the unknown, but our world could not function without them....and sadly they are becoming fewer and fewer as time rushes on. It seems that everyone wants to be experts these days, and few realize that the real experts are the ones who know how to keep things operating. They are mostly found in the background....the trades people....remember them? They are a dying breed in these times of  the "overqualified" disillusioned....
Here's wishing a Happy New Year in 2014 and good health and just rewards for everyone!

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