Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter in New Liskeard, Ontario

It has indeed been a while since I last posted an image on here. It is winter now, and we just returned from Northern Ontario where the landscape is vastly different from Windsor. Since I did not get a chance to go out and shoot any snow scenes, I decided to go through some of my old Black & White negatives from years gone by and do a scan or two. This image was scanned from a 6 x 7 cm negative and I hope to actually make a darkroom print of it before too long. This scene may as well have been taken a week ago, because not much has changed. It was shot from the bridge that crosses the Wabi River in New Liskeard, Ontario. This is a very old building, and now houses a Doctor's Clinic.....can you imagine the heating bills when it hits -35 to -40 C. and stays there for days on end? The expense of upkeep for these stately old homes in the North must be mind boggling for sure.....Hope you like it.


Krys and Paul said...

A perfect Christmas card for the discerning taste!

David c.h. Brown said...

Krys & Paul,
Thank you for the ego boost! I see these things/scenes sometimes in a flash, and occasionally stop and "do it". Dave