Sunday, March 22, 2009

A few years ago, in my other life......I used to do a few gigs in the various Irish Pubs and bars in Northern Ontario. After a while, I decided that I needed a poster, or some sort of a self promotional thing that would show the type of stuff that I was doing. Of course I was aware that my type of entertainment, if you can call it that, is NOT everyone's "cup of tea". I recall at one time in St. Catherines, when my son and I were at a music shop looking for guitar strings, clearing out ALL of the teenage would be rockers, from the store when I decided to do an inpromptu concert on a very lovely Paolo Soprani button accordion. Accordions are so UNCOOL eh? My son was mortified I'm sure. Anyway, I took this shot with my little Minolta S414 digital camera, and layered it along with a scenic shot of Cape Ray, on the southwest coast of Newfoundland. Then I added a few Celtic graphics to the borders, and there you have it. I had received my first accordion for Christmas, when I was 8, and over the decades, taught myself to play, or not, depending upon your point of view. As I had been born into a VERY religious home, I was strongly discouraged from playing all of the old jigs and reels of Newfoundland, as they were considered to be "The Devil's music"! It's a funny thing though, that I found "the Devil's music" to be just heavenly.........I would have none of that guilt trip.