Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old Sandwich Town Dormers

Once the sun came out, these dormers on this old building in Old Sandwich Town, just came alive. I ran over to the parking lot to get a straight on view, and I had no sooner squeezed off a single shot, when a large transport truck decided that it would park in front of where I was standing. Old buildings are such a joy to photograph, especially since when they disappear, you know that they are gone for good. Modern buildings just do not have the class or style of these old relics. At least in my feeble mind they don't. Luckily, Old Sandwich Town is full of them, so I shall have lots to shoot for some time to come.

Camera: Maxxum 7D
Lens: Minolta AF 75~300 zoom

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sandwich Town Windmill

It was a pleasant surprise to come across this old windmill in Sandwich Town yesterday. The juxtaposition of it against the square boxes of apartment buildings made it all the more interesting. The blades were actually working, and I had to time the shot to get the shadow of the blade to occupy blank space where there were no windows. In this black and white rendition, the old boards look more weathered than in the colour version. So, black and white it is.....

St. John's Church ~ Old Sandwich Town

Yesterday, I met with a group of folks from the Windsor Photo Guild, at the St. John's Church in Old Sandwich Town. We were allowed inside by the priest, who gave us a history of the old church. We then proceeded to photograph the various aspects of the church that were of interest to each of us. This area, just off of the main Sanctuary, caught my eye, and I exposed for the light coming through the window. It was somewhat overcast outside, so the light is not too brilliant, but enough to provide nice lighting on the ornate cross to the right. After viewing the shot on the computer afterward, I concluded that it would make for a rather nice black and white. Hope you like it also.

Camera: Maxxum 7D
Lens: Minolta AF 35~105 zoom.