Monday, November 10, 2008

Fine Tuning

He has tuned many a violin over the years since he was a young man. He and his brothers played music for the local dances around the country side of New Liskeard and area. Then he played his music in the lumber camps, and also with his comrades during the 2nd world war in Holland. He never talks much about the war. He also played the fiddle along with me as I tried to keep up with him on my button accordion. We played together on just about my every visit over the past 43 years. His ear for tuning a violin is impeccable, pitch perfect. No fancy gadgets needed. His head is full of hundreds of songs, and he doesn't read a note of music. They don't make 'em like that anymore.......

Her Day

This is another of my old wedding files that I happened upon tonight, while I was looking for something else. It was originally in colour, but I thought it might look good in Black & White also. This was one of many that I took of this bride, as she was obviously enjoying Her Day.